Vārtu automātika

A company that supplies following the concept of total quality, that you can easily find in the high technology of its operators.

Open and close gates, garage doors and all the entrances with a simple gesture in total calm. Freedom of movement offered by a more than 40 years experience, evident in the quality of its products and in its constant growth.

Electromechanical operators with articulated arm for swing gates

The ART series allows installation also in particular conditions, for example, where there are large pillars.
The special fastening plate makes installation fast and easy.
ART incorporates the opening and closing limit switches and the unlocking device for emergency manoeuvres (an accessory is also available for wall mounting the device with the key selector function).
In the 24 Vdc version it can be integrated with the optional battery kit which allows opening and closing the gate even in the event of a blackout, as well as achieving the highest level of safety against crushing as required by the EN 12453 standards.

Irreversible linear electromechanical operator for swing gates

BL233 is a 230 VAC electromechanical operator with a solid structure designed to automate large or blind doors (excellent wind resistance) for condominium use.
The absolute irreversibility assures and guarantees locking leaves of up to 2.5 m without the use of an electric lock.
The steel gears with worm screw in rolled steel and lead nut in bronze-aluminium guarantee absolutely silent operation and a long life.
Easy electrical connections thanks to the prewired cable, including easy-to-adjust opening and closing limit switches.
The unlocking device for manual manoeuvres with European Profile personalised key is easy to access and use.

Irreversible electromechanical gearmotors for sliding gates

A complete range of 230 Vac gear motors for gates of medium size and weight (from 600 kg to 800 kg) suitable for heavy use, with or without control unit.
The versions with built-in control unit (equipped with all the dedicated inputs for the safety devices) are fast and easy to install and allow regulating deceleration during both opening and closing, the anti-crushing force and thresholds.
It is hence easy to adapt the system to meet the EN 12453 standards.
The reduction gear with heat-treated steel gears and the double-disk clutch are in oil bath, making it noisless and reliable over time.
The unlocking device for manual manoeuvres is easy to access and comes with a personalized key.
Pass600-800 is a serie perfectly interchangeable with all previous series PASS4-6-8 and SL200-300-400-800 because it uses the same fixation base.

Hydraulic rising bollards

The new line of small-size automatic rising bollards (230 Vac hydraulic) with cylinder Ø120 mm, that assures maximum security and practicality.
Suitable for every kind of installation for which a better esthetical quality is requested, providing a strong anti-breakthrough capacity.
TOUCHE 100 includes the anti-rising safety device in presence of objects or persons on the rising bollard, LED signal lights.

Electromechanical barriers

The new 24 V electromechanical automatic barriers, for heavy use, for the easy management of aluminium booms up to 6 m with high opening speed.
Deceleration during opening and closing, possibility to install conductive edges and signalling lights for an easy adaptation to EN 12453 standards.

Automated drive unit for overhead and sectional donors

Designed for easy installation on sectional or overhead doors, this automated device allows achieving high movement speed with deceleration during opening and closing.
40W courtesy light incorporated and electronically controllable anti-crushing safety device to achieve a high level of safety as required by the EN 12453 standards.
The unlocking device for emergency manoeuvres is incorporated and can be connected to the door handle.
The optional battery kit allows opening and closing the door even in the event of a blackout.
Central gearmotors for rolling shutters
A series of central gearmotors for rolling shutters with built-in limit switch.
Power and reliability in one product.
The electro – brake kit can be easily installed.
The operator is totally built in aluminium die-cast with the gear body made of steel.