Durvju automātika

Our present production is divided into automatisms for sliding doors, swinging doors, telescopic doors, curved doors, doors with corner openings, revolving doors and doors in aluminium profiles for the complete range of automatic entrance systems. A vast range of accessories for the command and control of automatic entrances completes the SESAMO’s products. The SESAMO automations, with their highly technological and innovative content, offer the right quality and price balance together with a great simplicity of use and a guarantee of longevity. They are used for all types of automatic entrances including supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, hotels, airports, railway stations and many more.

Our complete knowledge of the sector, matured in 50 years of experience, enables SESAMO to be partner and consultant for all its customers, guaranteeing the direct Company-Customer contact in all the phases, from design to completion.


High quality materials and innovative technological solution are combined with the simplicity of installation, use and maintenance. The essential and slender design is able to satisfy the most demanding architectural solution. The sophisticated electronic with double microprocessor gives additional possibilities for personalization or diagnostic during maintenance.


The TELESCOPICA is desinged to solve the problem of those installations where htere is a restriction for the wings to slide and there is limited spare or architectural limitations. The sophisticated electronics provide the installer with the tools necessary to obtain additional possibilities for personalization or
diagnosis during mainteinance.


Installed in the main commercial and public buildings, the revolving door represents an architectural solution to complete entrances where the aesthetical idea goes with a high service efficiency.

The versatility in the application of one revolving door allows the creation at the same time of smalla entrances or big architectural places with high traffic of people. Different possibilities to custom made the product according to the request of the client.


An exceptional automatism, this unit can be used with any pre-existing swinging door (indoor or outdoor with both side of opening) design to meet all type of applications, opening /closing by motor, closing by spring, invers and for fire rated doors.